Topic: Courage

The Road Less Traveled: Discipline

Life, even in 2021, can be difficult. The spiritual journey is one built on the pain of confronting difficult challenges. In short, discipline is the practice of confronting spiritual challenges. But what exactly is self-discipline, and how can we actually apply it? M. Scott Peck … read more.

That Which Does Not Kill Us…

Friedrich Nietzsche famously is reported to have said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”. Is that true? Or do setbacks and adversity just wear us down and make us into victims? Join us this Sunday when we will talk about overcoming setbacks … read more.

Small Measures

There are times, upon meeting someone, that they say something that hits a hurtful and frustrating way. How do we take small, gentle, yet strong measures to assert our individuality.


The process of making space for others to claim and use authority is called empowerment. But all people have power whether or not they use it and can claim whether or not they are given the opportunity to exercise it. Gather this Sunday … read more.