Speaker: Pat Cawunder

Pat Cawunder.

Pat began her relationship with UUCR by attending Joann Anderson’s weekly Tai Chi class in the Parish Hall beginning in 1985. In 1991, she joined a dream group of UUCR women that met weekly for about 20 years. In the mid-nineties she joined UUCR, and loved the community.

Pat has been Church Treasurer, and she has taught in Religious Education programs. She is currently a Board member, head of Women’s Federation, holds a weekly meditation group, and organizes the monthly Supper Club. Her education includes a BA and MS in Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She worked as a licensed clinical psychologist at Patton State Hospital for 24 years and retired in 2009.

“Fail-Proof Meditation,” by Pat Cawunder

Many have told me they want to meditate because they believe the mass of research shows that meditation makes the brain work faster: more clarity, more focus. But when they try, many experience failure. I want to help by teaching you how to meditate.

Attuning the Body by Sound

Similar to a musical instrument, your bodies can fall out of harmony and potentially develop illness, affecting the mental, emotional and spiritual health. Stress, fear and negativity can cause blockages of the healthy flow of energy through the body and in the chakra centers. Quantum … read more.