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Water Rights

Braver/Wiser: Courage and Compassion for Life as It Is
Life is full of hard edges and complicated choices. Braver/Wiser gives you a weekly message of courage and compassion for life as it is.

Solstice Magick. December 13, 2023 Spirits of winter, I celebrate you! Reflection | By Erica Shadowsong

Fear Not and Hallelujah. December 20, 2023. Fear not, the angels would text me. Hallelujah, I’d write back. Reflection | By Marcus Liefert

Magnified, by Laura Dobson, December 6, 2023

Inviting the "Aha," by JD Stillwater, November 29, 2023

UUA Press Releases

Final Proposed Revisions to Unitarian Universalist Association Bylaws on Core Religious Values Released. December 12, 2023. Congregations will have until February 2024 to propose amendments

UUA Statement Regarding Shooting in Burlington, Vermont. November 28, 2023

Through the Lens of Whiteness: Challenging Racialized Imagery in Pop Culture. November 15, 2023. Book by Diane S. Grimes and Liz Cooney: seeks to advance antiracist work by challenging racialized imagery in popular culture.

UUA Statement on the Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza and Israel. October 17, 2023

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