Speaker: S. Avery Burrows

S. Avery Burrows is a 3rd generation chemist. A self-taught biochemist, he is pursuing a degree in biochemistry. He is interested in doing brain-biological and psychic research. Avery is a Level 1 Certified Reiki Healer, specializing in Reiki Stone Healing. He is also a lapidary, a stone expert, having studied stones for 40 years. He has produced several original jewelry and metaphysical designs. Avery was born in Long Beach, CA and lived there most of his life. He has done extensive traveling and today lives in Riverside. He lives with and is run by two spoiled kitties, Gabby and Pumpkin.

The Natural World

What is the connection between our wellbeing and the natural world?

In our increasingly technological world, what are some ways we can bring more of the natural world into our lives?

Avery Burrows was born in Long Beach in 1951 and grew up in Seal Beach & … read more.