Speaker: Linda Van Voorhis

Linda has been a member of UUCR since 1997. She first came to the church looking for community and support and found much more than that. Her spiritual background is based on a Native American and Taoist philosophy founded in the early 70’s with Scientology. It has evolved ever since. After studying A Course in Miracles she found the desire to speak at the pulpit. She has found that as her Spiritual sense of self has evolved, that she has more to share with others.

Anything Is Possible!

Join us for our annual pledge service and brunch afterwards! We will be talking about where we want to see our church go in the future and how we think we will be able to get there.

Connections in all Things

My sermon is a brief contemplation on how we are all connected, and a Meditation that opens the participants to experience this connection to this world through the energies we all share.