“A Course of Miracles and How it Relates to the UU Principles,” by Linda Van Voorhis

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Our principles are what guide us as UU’s. I have found many of the tenets of the Course in Miracles support the Principles in such a way that it has made my spiritual life easier to live. It has as well been a guide for understanding my own spiritual path and a direction as to how to apply the seven principles. I have been working on the Course for over twenty years now, and because there is always room to grow spiritually, the Course has been there for me both in good times and the bad to lead my way both emotionally and spiritually.

Linda Van Voorhis has been a member of UUCR since 1997. She first came to the church looking for community and support and found much more than that. Her spiritual background is based on a Native American and Taoist philosophy founded in the early 70’s with Scientology. It has evolved ever since. It was only after she started studying A Course in Miracles that she found the desire to speak at the pulpit. She has found that as her commitment to the church has grown, her willingness to participate in the church has increased as well.

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