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Aesthetics and Morals: Making Poetic Principles

We generally think of our personal choices as be either aesthetic or moral choices: Do I wear blue or green today? Do I donate my dollar to the children’s hospital or the homeless shelter? We think of the appeals to what is “good” morally and … read more.

Water Communion

The Water Communion is one of only a few UU traditions which has been celebrated for forty years. After the hot summer, we share some of the water, the source of life, we have saved from our journeys this year. We combine our waters here … read more.

Family Stories by Rev Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley

We are living in complicated times for families and particularly for youth. When family and social discord disrupts and threatens life, it is more than a social problem; it is a religious problem, one that calls people of faith to respond. Today we will contemplate … read more.

Rev. James Reeb: What Is Required of Us?

On Monday, March 8, 1965, the day after Bloody Sunday, Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King sent a telegram appeal to all faiths, urging clergy and all people of faith to come to Selma, Alabama to support their efforts of establishing equal voting rights. Rev. James … read more.

LGBT Rights: We Will Not Go Back!

These are frightening times. What we are seeing and hearing – who could have foreseen it? There were warnings, but they went mostly unheard. So I have two messages that may seem contradictory. First: please do not be naïve. Second: please do not despair. Naïveté … read more.

Welcome to the Temple

The body is the one thing in this world which is completely and intimately ours. Rather than engaging in a spirituality that denies the body, we can move closer to an experience of God here and now by fully engaging with the body. Our bodies … read more.