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Climate Action

As cities have gotten larger, trees and other urban greenery are many times seen as a box to check rather than an important component to community health. It’s no secret that summers have gotten longer and hotter; this is a direct result of human activity … read more.

The Natural World

What is the connection between our wellbeing and the natural world?

In our increasingly technological world, what are some ways we can bring more of the natural world into our lives?

Avery Burrows was born in Long Beach in 1951 and grew up in Seal Beach & … read more.

Why Unions Matter and How to Support Them

I hear it all the time. Statements like… “I guess unions were once good and helped people out, but they’re unnecessary today”, or “unions just protect workers who don’t want to work”, or “those union bosses just want your dues money, that’s all they care … read more.

Lessons from Star Trek

In 1966, Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future came to life in the western-in-space, Star Trek. Roddenberry showed us an optimistic future: humanity’s internal problems, including racism, poverty, and violence have been solved, and the morality of humans is tested in the wilderness of … read more.

Your Great Quest

Everyone has a Great Quest. Do you know what yours is? Do you know how to find it? We are
all on a long and arduous journey to find something, only most people don’t know it. This
Sunday, we are going to talk about our Great Quest, … read more.

That Which Does Not Kill Us…

Friedrich Nietzsche famously is reported to have said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”. Is that true? Or do setbacks and adversity just wear us down and make us into victims? Join us this Sunday when we will talk about overcoming setbacks … read more.

Tai Chi: An Easy Way to Exercise

The research on the benefits of regular exercise is clear and unequivocal. Exercise makes you smarter, happier, kinder, sexier. (JUST KIDDING?) Tai chi’s a gentle form of exercise that helps people begin to add more exercise to their daily life. Dr. Patricia Cawunder learned Tai … read more.