Topic: Spiritual Journey

The Road Less Traveled: Discipline

Life, even in 2021, can be difficult. The spiritual journey is one built on the pain of confronting difficult challenges. In short, discipline is the practice of confronting spiritual challenges. But what exactly is self-discipline, and how can we actually apply it? M. Scott Peck … read more.

The Natural World

What is the connection between our wellbeing and the natural world?

In our increasingly technological world, what are some ways we can bring more of the natural world into our lives?

Avery Burrows was born in Long Beach in 1951 and grew up in Seal Beach & … read more.

Your Great Quest

Everyone has a Great Quest. Do you know what yours is? Do you know how to find it? We are
all on a long and arduous journey to find something, only most people don’t know it. This
Sunday, we are going to talk about our Great Quest, … read more.

How Would “god” Manifest? A Rational Approach

UUism is built on many religious traditions which describe some type of theology, the most familiar being the idea of the Judeo-Christian God. Each religious tradition offers some form which the spiritual world takes, e.g., God, gods, spirits, etc. However, most UUs do not find … read more.