Speaker: Bonnie McFarland

Bonnie McFarland said she first attended a UU church when she was 20 years old, and knew she was “home.” She became a member of UUCR in 1996, soon after moving to Riverside, and quickly became active in the Social Justice Committee. After she retired, she discovered she was busier than ever with volunteer work here at the church, and at several political and social justice groups. When she isn’t busy with one of those, you can usually find her at home enjoying her dog and 3 cats, all rescues, and maybe a wild animal rescue or two.

“Christmas Eve Sing Along”

A time to enjoy being together and singing holiday songs, accompanied by two accomplished musicians: the voice of Weilin Neo, and piano by Molly Szanto. Readings include Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem by Dr. Maya Angelou.

Covenant and Commitment

Our Unitarian and Universalist roots go back to the beginning of this country, and we’ve always been considered liberals, activists, progressives. It’s easier to point to our deeds than explain our beliefs. But we came together in 1961, and as Unitarian Universalists we covenant … read more.