Reflections on the “Call of Our Faith,” by Dr. Amin

“The Call of Our Faith” was a reflection given by Dr. Amin, as part of the Side With Love Sunday worship service provided by the UUA that we were able to share with you on Feb. 28. This week, after the guilty verdict of former officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, I was struggling with conflicting emotions. I decided to go back and listen to her talk again. She addressed the call of our UU faith, and the complexity of that call. She said, “Frankly, I’d feel better if we did less saying and more doing.” But frankly, so much needs to be done, it can feel overwhelming. Kind of like watching the melting of the arctic poles and wondering how much impact you can have with your recycling efforts and your electric car, if you have one. Maybe that’s where faith comes in. Or maybe that’s where faith in the activism of our UU way comes in.