“Work & Rest: The Rhythm of Our Lives,” by Rev. Catherine M. Bowers

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The INHERENT WORTH & VALUE OF EVERY PERSON means that our ultimate value comes with the simple fact of our being—it is tied to who we are, and not what we do. We can agree that work is good and healthy for human beings, but is our worth as human beings directly linked to the quality and quantity of what we accomplish? “Your life is more than your work, and your work is more than your life.” Today we contemplate the value of both work and rest in our lives, and how we can balance the time for simply being with the time for doing.

Rev Catherine M. Bowers was ordained in 1991 and served in the Religious Education and Parish Ministry at the Follen UU Church in Lexington MA. She obtained her MDiv from Harvard Divinity School in 1991.

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