“The Christian in Me,” by Rev. Dr. Bruce Clark Clear

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Today’s sermon reading, “The Christian in Me,” is the last, in a series of explorations of three different belief systems found within UU churches, written by Rev. Dr. Bruce Clear. Even though we may not call ourselves, individually, Christian, our denomination has grown from the Christian tradition. The largest majority of UU church members were raised in a Christian church. Even though, for various reasons, most have moved away from Christian religious beliefs, some Christian values have remained. Join us as we look at our historical relationship with Christianity; compare “the religion that Jesus taught” with “the religion about who Jesus was”; and discover what Christian teachings and values do we, as UUs, still retain.

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Clark Clear (1950–2022) was ordained in 1983, earning a doctorate (D.Min) from the University of Chicago’s School of Theology. In 1993, after serving in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, he returned to his roots in Indiana, becoming the pastor of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rev. Clear’s work as a theologian and minister was defined by an abiding passion for social justice as the foundation for church community. As pastor in each of his churches, he became an active member of the local council of churches and an outspoken community advocate for progressive and humanitarian causes.

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