Topic: Sources of UUism

Water Communion

The Water Communion is one of only a few UU traditions which has been celebrated for forty years. After the hot summer, we share some of the water, the source of life, we have saved from our journeys this year. We combine our waters here … read more.

Why Are We Here (At Church)?

UUs all believe in different Gods, and sometimes no Gods at all.  UUs aren’t required to do certain rituals or practices, except the ones which speak to their spirit.  UUs demand we take personal and communal responsibility for spiritual growth, not look to a church … read more.

The Five Jagged Rocks of UUism

What is the bedrock that the UU faith is based on? The Reverends Nancy Bowen and Mike Morran created the Five Jagged Rocks to recognize “a faith that is dangerous and not always smooth-going.” UUs embrace a belief system that can seem rough around the … read more.