Topic: Women

The Sacred and the Mundane

This week we will explore how Jewish women honor the sacred by blending spiritual acts into mundane daily life. Join us to learn how we can all apply these lessons into our own lives to grow and deepen our spiritual practices.

After the Storm…

Our Unitarian Universalist 7th Principle reads, “RESPECT FOR THE INTERDEPENDENT WEB OF ALL EXISTENCE OF WHICH WE ARE A PART” One of the features of the Pagan Tradition is the recognition of Nature working in a cycle as a sacred Balance between Creation and Destruction. … read more.

Wonder Women

A cartoon, an author, and the coolest old lady that ever lived: these are the women who have shaped my faith. From them I learned compassion for others and for self, going up against the system, and enjoying every moment God has given me. From … read more.

Fight, Flight, or Faith

There are choices that we make all the time…choices made without really thinking. Sort of like buying into something that we don’t even want, but not being aware of our complicity. Fight, Flight, or Faith is about those choices and where we go we take … read more.

God Is Within Her; She Will Not Fail

Despite the erasure, dismissal, and mistreatment women have suffered for centuries in nearly all faith traditions, women have still always been active participants, contributors, and defenders of the faith. How has religion benefited from the voices and ideas of women? Who are some of these … read more.

The Power of Evolving Faith

What happens when you find that the faith you were raised with no longer feeds your soul? Join us as we discuss spiritual growth and how spiritual life is never one size fits all.