Speaker: Joan DeArtemis

Joan DeArtemis has once again become a frequent guest speaker at UUCR thanks to the magic of Zoom. Joan currently resides in Massachusetts where she is a Candidate for Ministry, an Intern, & a Summer Minister at UU Wellesley Hills.

Joan holds a BA in Religion & Society from Syracuse University, a Master of Divinity from Claremont School of Theology, and she completed a Chaplain Residency at the Yuma Regional Medical Center in Arizona.

When not practicing her craft of ministry, Joan spends time with Cathy, her spouse and partner of 27 years, and Finley, their new adorable puppy. Joan, Cathy & Finley live in Worcester (pronounced wUUstah) Massachusetts, the city that was the birthplace of both the birth control pill, and the Smiley Face!

Up Against the Wall

On May 9th, the CDC indicated that the U.S. may be “turning a corner” in regard to the pandemic. While that is a good thing, that does not necessarily mean that the stress is over. Some of us are unemployed… will our unemployment run out? … read more.

Earth Day as Spiritual Practice

Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Over a billion people participate each year, in over 190 countries. But what if we made Earth Day a part of our lives every day? … read more.

Persephone Returns!

In Greek Mythology, Persephone is the personification of vegetation who becomes Queen of the Underworld when she is abducted by Hades. The Spring Equinox is the celebration of Persephone’s return to the world of the living. What a great metaphor to describe where we are … read more.

The Courage to Face Our Weakness

Starting in the 16th century, masses of African people were abducted, subjugated, and transported across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas under horrendous circumstances. Almost two million individuals perished during the excruciating voyage. For more than 200 years, the dependence on Black people in the … read more.

The Responsibilities of Accomplishment

The insurrection of January 6th revealed hidden weaknesses in our federal presidential constitutional republic. How can we address these weaknesses? There is a whole new world being created, right before our eyes. The seed has been planted, and it is just starting to grow. How can we nurture … read more.

“Balance of Nature” is a Real Thing

“The balance of nature (also known as ecological balance) is a notion that suggests that natural systems typically exist in a balanced symmetry. They say that even a tiny shift will be adjusted by some sort of equal but opposite event that brings it back … read more.