Speaker: James Edward Elmore

James Elmore is a native Californian who received an MFA in Theater Arts from the University of Arizona, Tucson. He worked as a copywriter in the arts, entertainment and health fields. James works for The Fruit of Our Hands Ministry in Riverside (now temporarily closed due to Covid-19) running the thrift store and handling social media. He is also a certified life coach through the Life Coach Training Institute and a workshop leader. James is dedicated to helping you discover your goals, holding the vision for the best in your life, and delving into your native wisdom through insightful questioning. He is the author of “The Presence Within: Channeled Guidance” which addresses such themes as love, service, blessings, manifestation, unity, and awareness. James collaborates with others to heal and empower through spirituality, art and creativity.

Be Kind to Yourself

James Edward Elmore said: “When I began receiving channeled messages, what moved me most was how uplifting and kind the messages were. I knew that I was very loved and accepted by my spiritual guides and that encouraged me to treat myself in the same … read more.