“Welcome to the Temple,” by Rev. Victoria Bomberry, PhD

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The body is the one thing in this world which is completely and intimately ours. Rather than engaging in a spirituality that denies the body, we can move closer to an experience of God here and now by fully engaging with the body. Our bodies are magnificent and magical conduits between God and our individual consciousness and ought to be celebrated for the way they allow us to experience the world in which we live. All bodies are good bodies, and the body offers a direct and clean path to the Divine experience, if we allow it. By loving the body, using it to connect to our minds and hearts, and listening to its wisdom, we celebrate its magnificence and awaken to this everyday wonder.

Rev. Victoria Bomberry, Ph.D, is the Minister of Transformation at the Riverside Center for Spiritual Living and the Spiritual Director of Winged Spirit Focus Ministry. She serves as the Vice-chair of the Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee of Centers for Spiritual Living. She is part of the team at Spiritual Enlightenment and Truth Focus Ministry where she leads a Power of 8 group that has been active for 6 years. She appears on New Thought Media Network’s Science of Mind and Spirit Lecture Series. She completed her ministerial studies at Holmes Institute. She received her Ph.D in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University. Exploring and developing ways that Riverside Center for Spiritual Living can serve the world, teaching, working with individuals and small groups are her passions. She has more than 45 years of teaching experience, including the California State University and University of California systems and private universities, in local CSLs, Native American communities, and currently at Holmes Institute. She is retired from the UC system. Her ministry focuses on peace and the joy that accompanies it through inspired service.

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