Speaker: Larry Levi, MA, MFT

This UU Church at Mission Inn and Lemon has been a home for me for many decades. I first came to this UU in 1964 when my parents, Mario and Janice Levi, moved us here from Sacramento. It was here I went to the LRY (Liberal Religious Youth: a UUA youth program that ran from 1954-1882); that my sister Annette married Todd Lone; and it was here that we had my father, Mario’s, memorial service. I am grateful to this church for helping to keep my mother happy and vibrant.

My dad was a psychologist. I’ve gone into the same work and, for the last twenty years, I’ve dedicated myself to psychotherapy and helping people feel more at peace in the world. In my practice in Los Angeles I specialize in working with the central nervous system to heal developmental trauma, PTSD and other anxiety disorders. When a person heals from PTSD they are more grounded, centered, social and at home in the world. Let’s look at ways all of us can be more like that.

Befriending Your Reptilian Brain

Our reptilian brain, along with our central nervous system, have done a fabulous job of keeping our species alive through the ages. We humans are great at sensing danger and responding instantly with fight, flight or freeze behaviors. But what happens when these ancient survival … read more.