“The Power of Language, the Language of Power,” Rev. Devorah Greenstein

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Our language is the reflection of ourselves…a reflection of the character, beliefs and values of the speaker. Language…It can be a tool used for good, and for not-so-good…it is a sharp tool…sharp in ways we aren’t even conscious of. Today’s reading deals with the language that frames the concept of “Disability.” As Unitarian Universalists, our words must be reflective of the religious, existential, and spiritual dimension of Disability and speak about it in a way that lifts up and reflects our Unitarian Universalist theology of wholeness and justice.

The Rev. Devorah Greenstein is on the Board of Directors of Equal Access, a group which promotes equality and access for Unitarian Universalists with disabilities, and Program Coordinator for the Office of Accessibility Concerns for the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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