Stepping Into Our Spiritual Apprehension

image shows a person from the waist down stepping on three stones over a river

Kia invites us to step into the spiritual apprehension of being a People of Faith. With song, guided meditation, poetry, prayer, & ritual, she & her son, Rile, remind us that even though sometimes we all “feel a long way from home,” and so alone, we need to remember that “it is time now that we thrive” as we seek for “more Love, Hope, Peace, & Joy somewhere.” They ask us to consider, too, that for so many of our siblings there is a need to find enough, right now, in our Faith to feed their hearts so they can feel at Home, “even here.” Let us not forget “how good it is for all to dwell together” as we “are on our way to the Freedom Land.” This is the sacred, holy work we are called to as we Live into Our Faith.