“Where’s the Shade?,” by Taylor Hollman

As cities have gotten larger, trees and other urban greenery are many times seen as a box to check rather than an important component to community health. It’s no secret that summers have gotten longer and hotter; this is a direct result of human activity contributing to climate change. In addition to the increased temperatures, the pollution causing it continues to build. Climate action is needed now more than ever, and we need to meet communities where they are in order for all of us to get out of the heat and into the shade.

Born and raised in Riverside, Taylor Hollman has always been amazed at the dynamic and diverse landscapes of the Inland Empire. They graduated from CSU San Bernardino last year with a degree in Environmental Studies and recently completed their term with the state’s Climate Action Corps, planting trees in Redlands Northside. When not at work, Taylor loves to get off the hiking trail every once and a while and find something new, whether it be rock formations or wildflower meadows.

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