Speaker: Andrew McKay

“I am a sociologist and educator born in Silicon Valley who lives in Portland, Oregon today. My background is in the sociology of inequality and gender, having received a Master of Science degree from University College Dublin, Ireland in 2018. I currently am enrolled in a program to use geographic information tools in order to map environmental and social injustice and provide
solutions for activists, nonprofits, and government agencies. I am in the Aspirant stage on the road to ordained Unitarian Universalist ministry, planning to work in community ministry to solve social problems at the community level, and am a certified peer support specialist in Oregon for adult mental health.”

“Love and Conflict,” by Andrew McKay

Valentine’s Day each year brings a flurry of advertisements for the material items we can, through money, indicate love for those special to us. The De Beers marketing department
launched the slogan “A Diamond is Forever” in 1947; diamonds and precious metals like gold
are now tightly … read more.