“The Theist in Me,” by Rev. Dr. Bruce Clear

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Today’s sermon reading, “The Theist in Me,” is the second in a series of explorations of three different belief systems found within UU churches, written by Rev. Bruce Clear. UU Rev. Clear says, “There is a theist in me as well as a humanist. The God of this theism, though, is a natural, not a supernatural, God. It is not the God of children’s stories, nor is it the God of traditional lore. This God is not easy to describe or explain, so it deserves having a whole sermon devoted to it.” Do you have a theist in you? Join us as we explore a sense of God inside us.

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Clark Clear (1950 -2022) was ordained in 1983, earning a doctorate (D.Min) from the University of Chicago’s School of Theology. In 1993, after serving in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, he returned to his roots in Indiana, becoming the pastor of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rev. Clear’s work as a theologian and minister was defined by an abiding passion for social justice as the foundation for church community. As pastor in each of his churches, he became an active member of the local council of churches and an outspoken community advocate for progressive and humanitarian causes.

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