“The Foundation of Family,” by Bobbie Ebony Butts

The family unit is the building block of society. We will examine what we can do to strengthen our family bonds and relationships in order to create a stable foundation for the next generation.

Bobbie Ebony Butts is the mother of four children, and she says she works diligently & daily to rise above her past and to create a path to a successful future for herself and her children.

Bobbie received a General Equivalent Diploma from Chattanooga Community College in Chattanooga, TN, and she earned a diploma in Business Office Administration from United Education Institute – UEI.

Bobbie is a Criminal and Social Justice Policy Advocate in Riverside County and is part of key organizations bringing change by zealously advocating for changes in policies that systematically oppress people who have been convicted of crimes.
Bobbie is employed as a project coordinator for Starting Over, Inc. on a project called Family Reunification, Equity and Empowerment. Her role is to help families navigate the child welfare system, and to help parents to reunify with their loved ones who are languishing in foster care.