“The Call for Dismantling Racism,” by Rev. William Heller, MDIV, MBA

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UUA’s Principle 8: the call to support the dismantling of racism. The call has gone out, and the UUA communities have answered. Principle 8, in its developmental stage, demonstrates an awareness and a growing commitment to address dismantling racism. Your mission of spiritual wholeness calls for your inward inquiry–your discovering your perspective racism. How can we support one another in such action? Join us as we look inward to answer this question. Join us as well to discover what opportunities exist to support you in this effort. Rev. Bill Heller of Unity will join us on October 30 to lead such an inquiry. He’ll offer the message that matters of healing racism are relevant to any spiritual community devoted to wholeness amongst the people of the UUA community, of our entire country, and for that matter, the world.

The Rev. William Heller is an ordained Unity minister committed to deepening and sharing his spiritual journey through teaching, writing and spiritual counseling. Bill’s formal training was in corporate finance, leading to a 30-year career, primarily in Silicon Valley. Midway through, Bill had an awakening experience, which led to a redirection in his life toward spiritual awakening. Within two years of that experience, Bill found the teachings of A Course in Miracles and Unity as his path. Fifteen years later, he entered the Unity Institute of Spirituality’s ministry program, and was ordained in 2009. He has served in ministry at Unity churches in New England and Virginia. He is the author, with Paul Hasselbeck, of Unity and A Course in Miracles: Understanding Their Common Path to Spiritual Awakening, published in 2016.

Rev. Bill has four children residing in San Jose, Humboldt, Maui, HI, and Durango, CO. His eldest daughter is mother of his three grandchildren. He and his wife Gloria reside in Hemet.

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