“Care of the Soul,” by Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason

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Our experience of joy at connectedness, of anger at injustices, and of wonder at overwhelming beauty, can be described wordless and ineffable. Perhaps soul is the place where all these experiences meet together with our ideas and our collective unconscious in order to prepare the spiritual feast that is life’s greatest gift.

Wayne Arnason retired in 2016 after 40 years of Unitarian Universalist ministry in several congregations. In 2008, Rev. Wayne and his wife Kathleen co-authored “Worship That Works,” a widely-read book on UU worship practices. A 2nd edition came out in 2017. He and Rev. Sam Trumbore published a collection of essays in 2013 on Buddhist Voices in Unitarian Universalism. https://uurainbowhistory.net/authors/rev-wayne-arnason/ http://uuwausau.org/event/trusting-the-possible-rev-dr-wayne-arnason/

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