Our Website Has a New Look

A letter from Marie Burns Holzer, Chair of the Communications Committee and Webmaster:

Our church has a grand history as a literal and spiritual cornerstone of the city of Riverside. But it is no secret that in recent years, our membership has dwindled and we have struggled to keep up. With technology progressively evolving and changing the way our world connects, we needed an upgrade to meet our wider community where they live: online.

When Ms. Bonnie invited me to a part of the Communications Committee last year, I was so excited to help our church connect in a way that is native to me. It was clear that everyone was hungry for improvements so that our church can grow and thrive, providing hope and a spiritual respite from the crazy times we’re in. But you can only imagine my surprise when she asked me in January to take over the Communications Committee. When the members of the committee officially voted for me to take over as Chair, I was determined to honor everyone’s trust in me.

I hope you see all these changes on the website and our Weekly as we intend them: a way to bring our beloved church into the digital era in a manner that reflects our values. The Communications Committee has been working hard since November to get this site updated, to coordinate our efforts online on social media (we have a proper Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a Tumblr coming soon!!), and share the message of our Seven Principles with new generations.

I want to thank the members of the Communications Committee –Adam Wedeking, Leslie Mooring, and Niala Terrell-Mason — for their skills, commitment, open communication, and time, and y’all know this is just the beginning! Robbert has been so helpful, bringing me into the fold and teaching me what it means to be UU and a contributing member of this church. Thanks to Bonnie for her advice and trust in me to lead this charge. And thank you to Mathew Taylor, who has been the most welcoming recruiter, master brainstormer, my first Pagan High Priest, and a dear friend. 

And most importantly, to you, my fellow UUs reading this: this site is not only how we advertise ourselves to our city and the world, but it is a living love letter to this faith community we all hold so dear. We have all found in UU a spiritual home, a place to belong and do good in the world. I’m so proud to welcome you back home to your renovated little corner of the internet.