Niala Terrell-Mason

Niala Terrell-Mason has been a member of UUCR since 2009. In the past she has served on multiple committees, including Worship Arts and the Board. She is currently the new chair of Membership, a member of the Social and Environmental Justice Committee, Website Committee and a regular speaker and service leader at the church. She is a third-year seminarian at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont. She is pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree with an interfaith chaplaincy concentration. Niala is a Universalist Christian UU who believes that despite everything people really are Good inside.

God Is Within Her; She Will Not Fail

Despite the erasure, dismissal, and mistreatment women have suffered for centuries in nearly all faith traditions, women have still always been active participants, contributors, and defenders of the faith. How has religion benefited from the voices and ideas of women? Who are some of these … read more.