Our church would appreciate your participation in the following Core Committees that are central to the functioning of the church – try it, you’ll like it!

  • Choir: Do you love to sing? Join us every Sunday and bless UUs with the gift of music. Contact Leslie Mooring.
  • Lifespan Learning Committee: Contact R.E. Chair Steve Fuji.
  • Membership Committee: Help our church grow while nurturing the spiritual education of all! Contact Niala Terrell-Mason.
  • Social Events Committee: The Social Events Committee schedules and organizes fun and exciting social activities, i.e., parties, games, and outings for the church and community. Contact Avery Burrows.
  • Sound Committee – The Sound Committee maintains the microphone and sound during Sunday Services and Church Events. Training is free. Contact Kate Lewicki.
  • Ways and Means Committee: Ways & Means is responsible for scheduling and organizing fundraisers for the church year and for seeking new fundraising opportunities. The committee will coordinate the fundraising activities within the church and with the larger community. Contact Bonnie McFarland.
  • Worship Arts Committee: Work with the fun and caring people who plan our worship services and faith-building community events. Contact Nan Mooring.