Street Closures for Sep 30

Heads up! On Sunday, 30 September 2018 from 3 A.M to 6 P.M. Mission Inn Avenue will be closed from Lime Street to Lemon Street for Fleaesta. This closure directly impacts access to the church, so please give yourselves extra time to navigate downtown for … read more.

Use Amazon to Benefit the Church

Great news! The easiest and simplest way to financially support our church is to use Amazon to buy whatever you normally do but do it with Amazon Smile, which gives our church a small portion of your purchase. Bonus points if you use the Amazon … read more.

Services back to 10 am

As we leave behind the heat of summer, so too do we leave behind the early mornings!

Please join our congregation in worship starting at 10 am.

Community Donation Has Started Strong

From Adam Wedeking, our Social & Environmental Justice Chair:

Our first outreach day went very well. We gave away 27 gift bags along with additional items helping individuals specific needs. We had an opportunity to connect with several people forming an impromptu discussion group.

We will be continuing to … read more.

Clothing Drive is Happening Through Jun 15th

We’re running a Clothing Drive Fundraiser!

It’s springtime, so you can get two birds with one stone: do some spring cleaning by ridding your home of all the clothing that you’re not loving and using while also helping your beloved Church.

Donate your shoes, clothes, and outerwear … read more.

Downtown Street Closures

There’s a lot of fun to be had the weekend of May 4-6th! Because we do have church events going on at this time, please allow extra time to find parking. The library parking lot will be open on Sunday, May 6th for our congregants.

Women’s Fed Luncheon Was a Wonderful Time

We had a wonderful time at Women’s Fed Luncheon on 17 March 2018.

Our choir opened up the gathering with some performative pieces including “We Rise” and “This Little Light of Mine”.

Photo credit: Niala Terrell-Mason


The women in attendance then swapped stories about their childhoods, with stories … read more.

Our Website Has a New Look

A letter from Marie Burns Holzer, Chair of the Communications Committee and Webmaster:

Our church has a grand history as a literal and spiritual cornerstone of the city of Riverside. But it is no secret that in recent years, our membership has dwindled and we have struggled … read more.

Can You Contribute Paper?

Help us cut down on office expenses with three easy options!

Bring in reams of plain white 8″1/2 X 11″ paper.
If you shop at Office Max or Office Depot, simply provide the cashier with the church name (The Universalist Unitarian Church Of Riverside) and our telephone number … read more.