Clothing Drive is Happening Through Jun 15th

We’re running a Clothing Drive Fundraiser!

It’s springtime, so you can get two birds with one stone: do some spring cleaning by ridding your home of all the clothing that you’re not loving and using while also helping your beloved Church.

Donate your shoes, clothes, and outerwear in ANY CONDITION to the Church so we can turn them into Savers. Savers recycles and repurposes all the materials we give them to keep them out of landfills, helping us fulfill our 7th Principle while raising funds for the Church to maintain our beautiful historic building and fund the projects that help our community.

Please bring your clothing items in kitchen-sized trash bags either when you come to Church on Sundays OR make an appointment with Robbert, Leslie or Nan to donate at another time.

UPDATED 6/11: We are turning everything into Savers on June 15th, so don’t miss your chance to get two birds with one stone!