Women’s Fed Luncheon Was a Wonderful Time

We had a wonderful time at Women’s Fed Luncheon on 17 March 2018.

Our choir opened up the gathering with some performative pieces including “We Rise” and “This Little Light of Mine”.

Photo credit: Niala Terrell-Mason


The women in attendance then swapped stories about their childhoods, with stories spanning 90 years of history! It was such a joy to connect and share sisterhood across four generations of women.

We also enjoyed a delicious lunch made by Robbert Braun and Adam Wedeking, served by both of them along with Bill Rowe, Avery Burrows, and Dave Mowry.

Photo credit: Niala Terrell-Mason


Thank you to all the other ladies who helped organize this event: Pat Cawunder, Kay Mowry, Dinah Roe, Barbara Gardner, Clarice Turney, Lynn Welniak, Harriet Singer, Janice Levi, and Martha Kazlo. Many thanks to Leslie Mooring and the choir (Nan Mooring, Cheryl Brobst, Alix Henninger, Marie Burns Holzer, Daisy Valdovina) and Joanne Greene, our pianist, for bringing the spirit to open the event; to the men who showed their love and support by cooking, cleaning, and serving us a delicious lunch; and most of all, to all of the women who came and shared their time, energy, and stories. You are why Women’s Federation is so important to our community.

We hope to see you all next time!